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It’s interesting watching Syr’Nj and Gravedust, the main thinkers of the group, try to talk HR down or at least further shake his faith in himself, while the others are basically treating this like a conversation that’s just between the five of them. We get some crucial payoff from Gravedust and Byron’s storyline in Episode 41, in which Gravedust rejected his own role in the cosmos in favor of mortal life and its earthbound priorities.

Best is quiet in panel 4 because some of Gravedust’s story overlaps his. He too spent a lot of his life too focused on the future to properly experience the present, too busy being the LEGEND IN THE MAKING to be fully a person, which ultimately made him more of a dick. Gravedust, though, started to turn toward his present life even before he joined up with the others. Best, well, he took a bit longer to get there.