FB: “This is not a ‘God complex!’ MY BEING GOD IS VERY, VERY SIMPLE!!!”

This was more or less the point where Flo took the reins. As she did, she drowned out my “Whoa, Nelly” with a “HEEYA! GET ALONG, LITTLE DOGGIE!”

I was thinking that we’d said and done about all I wanted to say and do with the climax of Guilded Age, and I probably would’ve had HR die around page 33. As you can see, Flo had significantly more to add, pushing that death scene to page 47. Most of the added material strikes me as good or at least entertaining, so I’m generally okay with it…I would’ve felt bad if I hadn’t given Flo a chance to express herself, and her style, at this point.

My dialogue for HR here got a big rewrite, partly for lettering reasons. Using that typography, there just isn’t space on the page for a bit like “You are only tools I use to code my way to divinity! You are mere computer keys! You do not think! You do not speak, except to say ‘H’ and ‘R’ when I press on you to spell my name!” But also, Flo had some rawer stuff to say through HR’s voice…and the rawness helps convey that Carol, in panel 6, is getting a horrifying, unobstructed view of the monster within the man.