FB: HR was usually a pretty hands-off CEO, but he’s starting to look like the kind of boss who kidnaps his best employees for a staff meeting right before they’re about to close an important deal.

That FB promotion makes clearer what some of you didn’t get at first. What saves Penk and everyone in Gastonia from the Tarozerker is that HR is gathering all his “raw material” back into himself. Had he waited, like, another two minutes, the Tarozerker he’d be reabsorbing would have devoured the entire capital city and everyone in it. Still, it’s a fitting end to this last lingering aspect of Taro Iwatani. He who lives by hunger dies by hunger.

(Perhaps it’s also fitting that a large percentage of you never even realized that this monster had any aspect of Taro in him. In the end, his posthumous claim to glory was just a footnote in HR’s similar but grander quest for power.)

And what does Penk live by? His pair of close-ups here show again what kind of being he is. All hope seems lost…God Himself has failed. But if this is to be the end, he will meet it as a troll, on his feet and staring it in the face.