FB: A loose visual representation of how certain game developers handle criticism.

Here’s a note to Flo that I attached to the previous page, the one in which the gun’s floating in front of Carol’s face: “I wrestle somewhat with whether Carol should shoot the tank open, shoot HR in the head, or just wrestle her way the rest of the way up the cords and deactivate it. …There are issues of Carol’s character and the forensic aftermath to consider. But one thing I do feel certain of is that it should be her choice—no one else’s and not fate’s—so here’s fate putting the choice directly before her.”

Not much to parse in this one. Strategically, it’s getting a little repetitive…here’s HR using lots of little bodies again, right after assuming one big one…but the fact that the little bodies are essentially just him shows the continuing decline of his imagination. (And the icky vomiting action is enough of a shift that it looks like our imagination is still kicking.)