Yipes. Bitter stuff. And the alt text…yeah, Flo was exorcising some demons, here, which makes it strange that this was one of our true-collaboration pages. The final draft here ended up being mine, but I was just following the vibe that she was putting down in previous pages, our discussions, and the rough of this one. However, Flo is the one who wrote the scenes coming up, in which Byron, Best, and to some degree Syr’Nj model a lot more satisfaction with their lives than HR shows in his.

(John drew a lot of unimportant areas in the third panel here, knowing that HR, going on a bit in that space-eating lettering style, was going to take up some room.)

FB: There are a lot of weird floating characters at this (Lookalikes of William H) Macy’s Tanks-hitting Day Parade.