Best’s original lead-in to the fourth panel said “Five times the power, five times the risk…” I no longer remember what “risk” he was supposed to be taking with this maneuver…risk of losing himself by splitting his identity into five people, maybe?

I think I was trying to answer why he didn’t do this all the time. It’s hard to fully explain the maneuvers that our heroes start pulling here, and I couldn’t tell you whether they’re things that they’ll be capable of doing after this fight. Perhaps they really have unlocked some higher level of understanding, or perhaps they’re just exploiting their connection to HR’s world and the way it makes the bounds of their reality a little more porous. It won’t matter, not to the amount of story we’ve got left to tell.

(It’s also unclear whether WAV is really back as his own personality or Best has just acknowledged WAV as part of him. He did remember being WAV after transforming back into Best, though the reverse was not true… In any case, we didn’t have time to get into it.)

FB: “Keep those old character design specs, just in case– don’t think we’ll need them again, but you never know.”