So, yeah, this page is #2 on my list of “three speeches I feel like the end of Guilded Age could just do without.” Then as now, I would prefer this to be a silent page, but if I’d suggested that, I’m pretty sure Flo would’ve decked me.

I exaggerate, but only somewhat. This concluding statement by Gravedust feels redundant to me, but it was very important to her…in our notes, she describes it somewhat cheekily as her “summary thesis on the meaning of the human soul,” and she was working on it right up until deadline. So, as ever, you guys can decide for yourselves which version is the better one.

Gotta say, though, that I’m also not sure about Carol breaking through the glass with the butt of the gun to make sure she has a clear shot at HR–seems like we might’ve solved one logistical issue by creating others, there. Bulletproof glass is also gun-butt-proof glass, though why you’d expect the glass to be bulletproof is beyond me, honestly. It is true that a shot right through the glass wouldn’t necessarily be “clean,” but it’d still go through. If we needed to shoot him in the heart, we could always say Carol was aiming for the head.

FB: Now, if you have an inability to control the OTHER kind of spirits, you might ALSO find yourself acting like HR, here.