FB: Recruitment brochure Carol read at the Vassar job fair: “Much has been made of our reality-approximating engines, but we believe that’s not the real source of interest in games like Kingdoms of Arkerra. Technology is nothing without vision. We at Hurricane succeed because our games have heart.”

I feel like I should say something about HR at the moment we say goodbye to the villain who shaped the series, but in this final moment, there’s not much really left to say. With his power and resources, he could’ve done almost anything, become almost anything. But Arkerra will only remember him as a raging bargain-basement Cronos. And Sepia World, on the whole, will see him as either a madman or a once-good game designer who went all Howard Hughes.

Thanks as ever to John Waltrip, who took everything we could throw him and made it beautiful and compelling.

Alt text is repeated from chapter 48 page 42, but appropriately, I think.

The opposite trajectories of the two missiles—arrow and bullet—had a certain symbolic resonance to us. We saw it as the final separation between Sepia World and Arkerra, two worlds that, with the death of the man who once brought them together, will never intersect again.