So, Bandit Keynes.

Guess I’ll start with the name. The others’ names all come from fairly sensible inspirations, but Keynes’s name is a cross between noted economist John Maynard Keynes and Yu-Gi-Oh character Bandit Keith, She has nothing notable in common with either figure. It’s just that Keynes was on my mind because of all the economics we were discussing when laying out the series, I loved Bandit Keith’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged incarnation, and I thought it would be funny.

We’ve seen her in the flash-forwards enough to establish that she talks quick, Byron trusts her, Gravedust doesn’t, she earns that trust, and she’s not of gnomish culture but knows it pretty well. Still, this is her first chance to really shine in the story. I like the energy she shows here, talking and stealing rings around the others.

We never considered using the floral design Erica has here for the back of the “Can We Break It” stickers we sold. We had a need to promote our own URL that Byron does not.