I’ll level with you: even though the creepy grin on Syr’Nj is fun, Syr’Nj and Bandit’s interaction in this scene still frustrates me a bit. Syr’Nj making this all about hats just seems… petty, and unworthy of her. Sure, I understand why the theft stung her at the time, but come on, she doesn’t even LIKE hats that much.

If we really had to keep up their friction at this juncture, I’d say Syr’Nj should be making a bigger issue of Bandit’s attitude, which shifts from “look, ain’t I cutesy?” to “YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER’N ME? WELL, YOU’RE NOT” after Syr touches the sore spot of her criminal status.

Here are a couple more “Relationships” excerpts that show how much we revised our intentions for their early dynamic:

Syr’Nj on Bandit – We might’ve had a rough introduction but I TOTALLY forgive her. She loves gadgets and stuff almost as much as I do, and it’s AWFULLY NICE TO HAVE ANOTHER GIRL HANGING AROUND!!!1 *coughcoughFRIGGcough* But she likes to keep little mysteries about herself or whatever and I guess that’s OK because that’s her bag, y’know? Otherwise I think she’s great and love spending time with her! :D

Bandit on Syr’Nj – Still can’t believe she’s over the hat incident so fast. Lucky for me, I say, since most’d just turn me right back into the coppers for what I did. But she seems like th’forgivin’ type, and she’s super helpful most the time. But she trusts too easily… must. NOT. EXPLOIT.