Have a script:

1. Wide panel. It is afternoon outside of the Bloodshot Monastery. This is the capital site of the Bloodshot Sisters’ operations, and it is a regal monastery, indeed. The stained-glass Bloodshot Eye logo shines brightly in the setting sun. A few blackbirds fly idly by in the sky.

2. Wide panel. We see inside of the monastery, one of the enclosed but open-roofed cloisters, repurposed into a combat training area for the sisters. There, we faintly see Mother Superior Scarlett walking through the grounds, quietly observing (and possibly scrutinizing) the sisters who are hard at work in their training. Two rather brutish sisters follow behind her at her sides, clearly her personal guard.

3. Tall panel. Scarlett descends a dark spiraling staircase. Both of her cronies are holding lanterns to light the way. It is spooky.

4. Through an open door, we see Frigg chained up against a wall. We can just make her out with the small amount of torchlight in the room combined with the lanterns carried by the cronies (we may see Scarlett’s silhouette thrown against the ground as well, if the physics of light permit). Frigg is battered, beaten, lacerated, burnt, and clearly post-torture.

5. Close up of Frigg’s face. She has a black eye over her right eye, and a little dried blood spilled out of her mouth and/or nose. She grins as she looks directly at us.