Deep cut here: Best’s “less than successful recruitment” is Peter the Blest, last seen… hang on… last seen at the end of Best’s very first appearanceRemember, Peter’s primary exposure to Best was coming in to see the town Best sucked dry. He met the pregnant groupies and dying prophetess who regretted ever putting faith in Best. That’s the kind of impression that tends to stick, and if anything, hearing later reports of Best’s heroism would only increase Peter’s rage at how this Best scuzzball has made everyone think he’s so great.

Amorna the Avian is a new creation to round out this adventuring team Sundar and Best are putting together. (Beckitt is one more Guilditization.) The usefulness of an avian scout on this mission of exploration needs little explanation.

The return of Braggadocio’s appetite was the running-gag callback we didn’t know we needed.

FB: Part of personal growth is accepting that some people are always going to see you as you were, no matter how many different glamours you have.