FB: Design historians would call this the beginning of Goblaurence’s “psychedelic period.”

Flo argued that Goblaurence should be on that airship. My response was that Rendar was more the “exploring big ideas for their own sake” engineer, whereas Gobbles is kind of the “fixing others’ problems” engineer…and that he should get a scene that started to chart his destiny.

We get more meat in this final portrayal of Sir Groff than any other appearance he’s had so far. I like the detail that his title is so simple—of course, so was “Madam Arfa,” but still, it suits his modesty and devotion to public service.

High or sober, Goblaurence would rather work for people who respect him than go back to serving under the Don, so he is probably done with life as a goblin designing “goblin tech.” At some point, this kind of crossover is going to be an issue for the race-based “nations” in Penk’s coalition: they’ll have to find national identities not so closely tied to their genetics. But that’s probably the next generation’s problem, at earliest.