On the last page, I talked about how in the future, Syr’Nj would be equipped to find happiness by her greatest love even after losing that love. Here we have a present-day case of finding happiness after loss. After Tectonicus’ passage and the cessation of the powers he supplied her, Magda discovers a new destiny, returning mysticism to the world after Gravedust had sacrificed/outgrown his own role in it. Like Syr’Nj in the prior example, Magda has a history of love and support encouraging her to move forward. That love has flowed from her comrades, from Gravedust, and even from her old god, stern as his brand of support was. Thunderpeak is too new to be a part of this emotional history, but he may get there: look how excited he is in panel 1.

Gravedust himself is heartened to see mysticism return, to know that his own investment in it will pay new dividends even after he is gone.

We don’t name this new ghost, but like Jemmington, he makes an entertaining first impression. One day he just said “f*ck it” and decided that if his tribe wasn’t going to get back to the Solates, he’d just go back there himself. That’s what I call commitment to a bucket list.

FB: Even though she’s been hanging out with a guy who’s into heavy metal, Magda looks like she’s trying a classic blend of soul and rock.