So, when I saw this, I thought “surely Flo or I must’ve intended that to be part of a passage from Gravedust’s book,” but I looked up the email and all it told John was… “Dominating the composition here is the reversed letter ‘G’ in movable type, though the edges of other letters may be visible. As we established with Mr. Bedard, Arkerra has relatively advanced printing technology; the printing press will play a role in this chapter’s final page.” (That turned out to be not quite true, but close enough.)

EDIT: In case you wondered what it said, I had forgotten this, but John improvised some context:

“Here ye, here ye!
Citizens of Gastonia,
the war is over.”

Boy, that alt text has kinda checked out already, hasn’t it? :-)

Incidentally, here’s the final rankings of our top 50 characters by appearances.

1. Syr’Nj
2. Frigg (very close to a tie with Syr’Nj: less than 1% difference)
3. Byron
4. Gravedust
5. Bandit
6. E-Merl
7. Best (note: WAV is counted separately; if WAV’s appearances were added to Best’s, it’d pull him past E-Merl)
8. Rachel
9. Scipio
10. Penk
11. Fr’Nj
12. Sundar
13. Magda
14. HR
15. Ardaic
16. Shanna
17. Auraugu
18. Carol
19. Harky
20. WAV
21. Xan
22. Goblaurence
23. Iwatani Sr.
24. Taro Iwatani
25. Hammerhead
26. Braggadocio
27. Caneghem
28. Bedard (tie with Caneghem)
29. Miyamoto
30. Daniel
31. Chrissie
32. Lia
33. Clair
34. Rana
35. Kur’Ik (tie with Rana)
36. Jarvis
37. Brother Tom
38. Gondolessa (tie with Brother Tom)
39. Hollister
40. JJ Berten
41. Rendar
42. Rabbit
43. Pardo
44. Tamara (tie with Pardo)
45. Reynolds
46. Isidro (tie with Reynolds)
47. Ulak
48. Faereksch’Nj
49. Iver
50. Tobias Gnipgnop