This one’s clearly out of continuity, though I’m amused at the thought of HR, his plans hobbled by the coronavirus-induced suspension of conventions, just blowing millions on shipping the tubes out to individual users instead, secrecy be damned. So I guess it’s more the character stuff than the plot details I’m a stickler about.

In case it wasn’t clear, this “crossover” is, from Jaydot’s perspective, a self-insert: Vanity Games sounds like a work of fiction, but her primary interest is journal comics, as her newish URL indicates. If so, it’s a self-insert in the best sense. She’s really nailing that “overlapping, incompatible frames of reference” thing.

(I had to include this image when I realized that she and Phil had suffered similar comic-production-disrupting fates.)

I hope there’s some kind of refund policy on that tube, though.