Gustavo’s Pilli Adventure continues to this day, and it’s succeeded in something Phil and I only dreamed of: making the jump from webcomic to video game. Not to be confused with Gustavo Duarte.

Okay, so remember how I said it was the guest comics that struck me as (A) not quite in character that bugged me more than the ones that struck me as (B) entirely in character or (C) outrageously, completely out of character? Well, here’s an example of (C).

Not a single thing about this comic, except Harky’s design and the general idea of trolls and gnolls invading human towns, is remotely in keeping with how we’d approach it, but what the hell! There’s an infinity of universes out there, there’s gotta be one where this would happen! And at least it’s more interesting than DC’s approach to alternate universes these days (“BEWARE THE BATMAN WHO TROLLS!”).