So I wrote the first scene here exactly as it was except for the last line, which Flo added. And that obviously changed my plans for Frigg and Syr’Nj drastically. The earlier version of the plot would’ve been a new, subtly nicer Frigg (“Frikk?”) creating awkward situations that she’d have trouble living down later and that Syr’Nj would have trouble explaining in the moment. This version sends the awkwardness in a much funnier direction.

Still, the way we dropped this on readers in an outside-the-main-flow story led some readers to consider this whole tale fanfiction, and Flo even joked about that in the alt text, though I think Flo had a higher opinion of fanfiction and what it could do than some readers did. This mildly annoyed me, as I don’t really know how to write out-of-continuity or “skippable” stories. I mean, I guess I have the capacity, but you know what I mean: if it’s not something I can see as possibly in continuity, I’m not that interested. I want everything I write to be mandatory reading! That’s why it was just as well that Flo was the one handling the AaAs, for the most part.

Make your own calls here, but I’ll say this: Flo identified Frigg as queer long before this story began, and Syr’Nj is closer to straight but nothing if not curious. (You may recall Flo’s attempt to canonize an earlier encounter between the two, though I think this story works better if you don’t treat that strip as canon.)