Tomodachi Life is a weird little game from Nintendo for the 3DS, and it’s in every way the Nintendo-fication of the Sims, with a splash of enhanced Tamagachi action thrown into the mix. Everyone lives in a big apartment complex but has their own rooms, though they can freely travel between anyone’s rooms that they presumably have permission from the owner to enter. So with these rooms, all of the needs to tend to for these li’l guys happens on an individual basis with a stomach meter, happiness meter, etc. It is fun to watch and see what they do with their little lives, seeing what clothes they prefer to wear out of all the ones they’ve given you, trying to figure out the favorite foods from the gigantic library of feeding items, and they play with little toys and it’s all just a bunch of cute fun, really.

Don’t expect any kind of Animal Crossing sort of experience here: While you’re certainly going to have fun buying room interiors and clothes and whatnot, you don’t do odd jobs and social quests. You just fulfil needs and wants and sooth feuds and help your Miis find love.

Streetpassing can be a lot of fun. Once Miis produce offspring, you can have them live a life on the island or exist as a traveler, endlessly bouncing around other people’s 3DS’ until they Streetpass onto another system. Also clothes and stuff.

Anyway, there’s a lot of fun little moments that happen when you play and I’ve taken a lot of pictures. So I hope you enjoy the rest of the week’s Tomodachi Age offerings. If you like them, we’ll keep doing them! If it turns out that only I think they’re funny, then I’ll be satisfied with giving it a shot. Come back for more tomorrow!