HAWM, Guildies! Yes, it’s true, this boat’s been sailing (somehow) for five whole years. What is there to say on this milestone, when we’ve got almost half the story left to go and more surprises along the way? When we’ve got books 2 and 3 printing and nearly ready to ship to all our gracious backers? When we’ve begun work on the animations?

We can say Thank You, I guess. Thank you all for reading. Thanks for showing up, for being here, for being the magick that makes us never give up on this insane comic that we’re balls deep into. We love you guys. But we can’t take so big a victory lap when we have so much more work to do, so much more crazy stuff for you all! So we will continue working: That will be our celebratory ritual, or some shit.

Now, as is tradition, we now present you scantily clad versions of our characters in the name of summer fun, and open the floor to Q & A for anyone here at team GA! Go on, then: Ask Us Anything!