Rachel in the first panel is doing her best to mimic Frigg (she probably overheard plenty of Frigg-curses during Frigg’s captive hours at the nunnery, and let’s assume Frigg had some choice words about Gondolessa more recently), so like Frigg, she’s pulling out some insults that seem more like they come from our world. Unlike Frigg, she loses a little accuracy in the imitation.

Like the other members of the “Reverse Guild,” (Hans) Brix the Berserker would have had a longer career if we had been able to get the Guilded Age animated short off the ground. That cartoon would’ve had the Reverse Guild fight the original five GA heroes, including Best and excluding Bandit, on their way to the sky elf temple… which would explain why Bandit and the newbs had still never heard of them here.

Phil’s notes describe him as “not Byron’s level of Berserker by any means, but a scary enough guy to deal with when mad. He’s a proud Savasi warrior, and has totally drank the shit out of Iver’s Kool-Aid. In his off-time, he enjoys contests of manliness and breaking people in half. He revels in combat and destruction in a way a lot like Frigg. He’s fairly one-dimensional, and not very upset about that fact. He’s a berserker, what’s he supposed to do except be angry? He’s certainly not supposed to give it any further thought. That’s wholly unnecessary. What matters is Savasi Restoration, Death to All Humans, and Where’s the Beer.”