There was an Avengers comic I read as a kid (#225), from which I swiped the basic idea of a rampaging, destructive giant who was sort of but not really a “member” of a new gang of villains. I even used a name that rhymed with the inspiration. But Gralor, as we’ll see, is a different sort of beast.

Stokla’s basic description follows (Phil’s text, as it was for pretty much the whole Reverse Guild):

The spells and summonings she knows tend to be blunt and direct. Bluntness and directness have served her VERY well overall, and she likes them far too much to change. She’s headstrong and dedicated completely to Big Boss Harky and the movement to liberate the Trolls from Human oppression. She’s a good soldier, and a competent leader for her rag-tag bunch of peeps. Focuses almost exclusively on her duty and her worship, never making time for herself. Earned her name by discovering a Stonehenge-like burial ground left behind by Savasi mystics as a form of defense for their lands. A less gifted shaman would have simply destroyed it. She made it suffer, by purging it slowly, taking long enough for the spirits to become aware of the destruction of their power and the futility of their afterlife. She has a “purge earth” spell, and speaks to the ELEMENTAL spirits, making them her allies against the spirits of the dead. (Trolls’ attitudes about the dead can often be boiled down to “Hey, something killed you. That makes you a loser. Don’t get your loser stink on me.”)