I’m glad we included the “Oh, yeah, you’re that DWARF” bit here, because it became obvious at this point that some readers who commented weren’t reading other peoples’ comments, or the tags. I know it can sometimes be challenging to follow a secondary character through a change in art style, but superhero comics have left me pretty used to that as a reader. “Oh, that’s what Jarvis looks like this month? Hm, must’ve let himself go. On the other hand, Lois looks like she got a new nose.”

We’re getting to see a lot of sides from Taro here, actually! Failure’s Just a Mistake You Haven’t Corrected sounds like it could be a self-help book, and it’s a sign that for all Taro’s complaining we see later, he is absorbing some success-minded thinking from his dad.

At this point in the story, we were voting on merchandise (I’m so glad you guys didn’t vote for more T-shirts) via the strip’s official accounts on Facebook and… Google Plus. Wait, can that be right? What was “Google Plus?” I’m not sure anyone remembers.