Gotta say, being able to pull together and defend their home in the moment like this is a pretty good argument for Gnometown’s centralized superclan culture, even if it is xenophobic and a bit willfully blind. Most people in a crisis of this magnitude would be mutely staring until it was too late.

I keep fielding questions about this, so let’s put it down here: the relationship between Sepia World role-players and their “characters” in Arkerra is meant to be a little complex and ambiguous. Nothing would ruin the series faster, in my mind, than treating Rachel as nothing more than Lia’s creation, or Bandit as Chrissie’s, etc.– they’re real people with real thoughts and feelings (well, except that the whole series is fiction, but you know what I mean). So if there’s a conflict between the two, I tend to go with the interpretation that maintains their realness.

Rachel is little-sistering Frigg here because Rachel is a person and currently has that personality, and also “because” Lia wrote her some dialogue (and/or selected from a dialogue tree, but this scene seems unlikely to use one of those). Did that actually originate with Rachel, influencing Lia to write those lines, or from Lia, steering Rachel’s development, or from some third force, entangling them both like spooky action at a distance?

That’s a lot like how writing fictional characters feels sometimes. “I am in charge here, aren’t I?”