The last panel wasn’t direct foreshadowing, but it could have been, and I like the note of uncertainty.

Honestly, the closing speech is probably a natural 20 for diplomacy by Keeper Kepfer’s standards. If nothing else, his words are going to stir Bandit’s paranoia about being rejected again. And Scipio and Gravedust, while willing to work with and under her, have not been entirely unconcerned about Bandit’s background up to now.

Trust is ultimately a two-way street. From what we know of Gravedust and Scip, it’s unlikely they’d let their doubts mature into full-fledged irrational suspicion without more provocation. It is more likely that Bandit’s aforesaid paranoia would make her start acting more suspiciously, and that would stir those doubts further, creating a vicious cycle. This will be averted, but only because, as we’ll see, Bandit will put some work into her relationships over the next few chapters.