“No, I mean the winter elves. They foresaw what was coming to our world and also foresaw where there’d be a big avalanche, and they stood underneath it and it just buried them all. That’s…that’s probably not good news.”

Lots going on here, character-wise, with Auraugu uncharacteristically taking the role of “the quiet one” from Rana, some fun chemistry between Magda and Goblaurence, and a clipped tension in Penk. Also, everyone has a job: Auraugu is propulsion, Goblaurence and Penk are assisting Rana with recon, and Magda is presumably researching what scraps of information exist about winter elf society.

FB: “Existence is suffering. Suffering stems from wanting things. Suffering ceases when those desires cease. Only then can one attain true enlightenment. BUT I HAVEN’T HAD A SMOKE IN SIX HOURS AN’ I AIN’T GONNA CEASE WANTIN’ ONE, SO BLEEDIN’ EXCUSE ME IF I FEEL LIKE DARKENIN’ YOUR DAY INSTEAD.”