So how do you “sell” a chapter that’s largely about a guy telling our heroes things until they know all the things?

There’s not a lot of visual ideas we could use for the cover here that wouldn’t strike me as either too revealing or not revealing enough. We could’ve depicted the “creation myth” that the story discusses or Frigg’s battle with the wolf god, but those ideas strike me as (1) spoilery and (2) not really representative of the overall story, just its most visually interesting parts.

We could’ve done a version of our “hands joining” motif that showed the hands of, say, Gravedust, Byron, and Syr’Nj joined with Penk and Magda’s. Two of those hands do indeed join at the end of the chapter, but I don’t think that’s too shocking at this point. I like how the story eases the ex-Peacemakers and Champions into an alliance, one small step at a time, but that sort of gradualism makes it a poor fit for a cover image.

“Who is this mysterious elf, and why is he so short?” is a lot more intriguing, given all the chatter we’ve had about the winter elves.