I like how Syr’Nj responds on this page, just pulling out her Potion of Somnolence to put Best out again. “Screw it, consciousness has now become a privilege and not a right as far as you’re concerned.”

In another draft of this page, Weo was less tearful, and the prank was more successful: he was like “Nobody gets to play pranks up here, because we all know everything that’s going to happen,” and the absurdity of this kid having all the answers finally catches up with the others. Magda chuckles, Penk laughs a little more, Byron joins in heartily, and Best storms off in a huff. Might’ve worked okay, but I think it would’ve felt a little too much like the story telling the reader, “This is funny! Be amused now.”

FB: You’d think that Auraugu would appreciate the quick, sprightly tune of the Simpsons theme and the feverish energy of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man stringed instruments, but as film and TV music criticism goes, “Settle down, little Elf-man” has only one possible meaning we can see… oh, wait, we just read it again and… Never mind.