Almost as soon as I realized, “Hey, wolf gods and gnolls are pretty close to the same phenotype,” I realized, “Hey, Auraugu would probably want to know more about this god himself.” It’s typical of his generous spirit that he doesn’t resent Frigg, a human, for receiving the wolf god’s attention…much as he didn’t resent Penk, a lowly drummer, for surpassing him as the mightiest and most worshipped hero of the Rebellion. But including him in Frigg’s arc beyond this would’ve ruined the emotional weight of Frigg’s upcoming scenes. She’s already relied on outside help to confront the wolf once before. The climactic confrontation with her god has to be hers alone.

By now, we knew we weren’t going to get around to putting the end of the comic in book form, so we could pull little pranks like the one in the last couple of frames, here.

FB: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a hundred paces and some broken panel borders. #GuildedAge #Hiveworks