Quian here gives us a look into the real curse of winter elfdom. It’s not just that your foreknowledge makes you so valuable to other races that your only choices are to conquer everyone else, get used by someone else, or live in complete isolation.

It’s also that after a while, knowing the end of every story means you’re bored, impatient, and irritated by nearly everything you’ve come across. It doesn’t matter that it’s actually happening for the first time: you’ve seen it all before…again, and again, and again. Their existence isn’t quite so monotonous: they can still enjoy certain simple pleasures like food and warmth and the pride of building and acquiring things. But the pleasure of “meeting new people” is not one they generally enjoy…except for the very young, who haven’t had time to get over it all yet.

FB: Winter Elf oracles are highly prominent and make their points definitively – oh, no, wait, sorry, we meant to say “auricles.”