Today is the free-to-read day for the Traveler series finale! I said most of what I wanted to say about the series here…I’m happy that we were an artistic success by my lights, and if you wanted to see how it all shook out, now you can. Webtoon main page here, Traveler-specific page (which some users might need to hit twice to avoid a homepage redirect) here. All thanks to the Waltrips, Monica, our many coloring assistants, and Tyler.

Don’t sleep on the body language in panel 4. Frigg is on the edge of going nuclear and E-Merl stops her with a casual backhand gesture. That means she now respects him enough to let him and he’s confident enough in himself to do it. Anyone else who tried that move on her would probably receive a much more painful lesson than the one she just gave.

And then, in the form of advice for Daisy, E-Merl tells us how he got to his current state of poise. I still wonder if we should have shown him coming to this realization, but it’s nice to see him like this. He’s not only dressing richer, he’s dressing older, and he may’ve taken Bandit’s advice and started calling himself something like a “Battlemage.”

FB: “I’d recommend skipping the drunken benders and barroom deals with shady politicians before you figure it out, though.”