FB: “I mean, your wife and best friend are RIGHT OVER THERE.”

We’ve got a few things to get to, here. In ascending order of importance:

Clair showing a little humor in the last frame as we set up the issue of Byron’s post. She’s still in mourning, but she’ll recover.

Amnesty for Pardo, who did a few good things and never meant anyone any harm. Ardaic’s a thornier issue.

Tying off what happened to Miyamoto after his escape from the capital. With his defeat, the last of the Altruists has been put to the sword.

Showing what kind of person Reynolds has become. He has 1000% learned his lesson from sitting around and “not causing trouble” when others slight gnomes. He won’t even hold back when it’s his old friend Syr’Nj doing the slighting…which, of course, she would never do on purpose. He will not overlook Ardaic’s role in his people’s suffering. His people certainly won’t. And yet…he has not lost his lovable side, nor has he lost his reason. He does realize there are a couple of qualifiers that separate Ardaic from the true Altruists, and he’s joyous as he turns his speech around into praise for Byron.

Still, there’s a force behind his “We will settle…”  Translation: This is the compromise we’re willing to agree to. Do not push us any further on this.” Having made his point, he can relax. He knows the new administration will take him at his word, because he’s also learned how to tell people who respect him apart from those who don’t.