Frigg in panel 3: “Did…did you just ruin cursing for me?”

I was surprised by the smash cut back to Frigg’s school on this reread, and then I realized, as I imagine readers did: the reason we’re doing it like this is to show Ardaic’s circumstances just before his own arc concludes. He ends his story by entering the service of one whom he once employed. His sins in the name of government service are not erased, but neither are his good deeds. He was, in the end, the one who founded our band of heroes. True, they had one quest on their own first, but they might not have stayed together at all without him. Or they might’ve achieved far less if they did. So although he can expect no better than disinterest from Penk’s council…Frigg can be a bit more merciful.

FB: Frigg’s still sorting out things like a work-study program. Sometimes you have to create your own position in an organization.