Don Gobligno breaks out the old “What makes you think they all want freedom?” Always a classic.

The answer, of course, is that they don’t all want freedom. There are always going to be some who prefer the life they know to the uncertain promise of a life they don’t. Other things might motivate this orc or that orc to prefer the chains: simple masochism, codependence, desire not to be alone with their thoughts.

None of this, however, really matters. Given an informed choice, the crushing majority of orcs would prefer to be free, and granting their wish (in a way that prepares for the consequences) would lead to a better society.

I will say, though, that Gobligno does have one justified gripe. The trolls have renounced their slave trade and declared it immoral—but still retain the gold that the goblins paid them to buy their orc slaves, prior to their change of morals. Even in this time of prosperity, Penk might not be exactly eager to pay that gold back. He wants to build his people up, not shame them for past misdeeds—and trolls are still working their way back from being an endangered species, too. But if it was the only way to secure orc freedom, he would make it work. And that’s a point of negotiation that might eventually get Gobligno to bend.

FB: Don just wants to do a big-time trade deal, but these young people just keep distracting him by squawking about other races’ “rights.”