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Again, nobody’s gonna confuse Don Gobligno with a champion of civil rights, but as an obstacle to orc freedom, Syr’Nj and Gondolessa could be dealing with a lot worse. At least the Don is motivated by money, which is something they can do something about. In their new, more economically equal society, money is attainable—it’ll take some doing, but it can be done. It’s not like trying to talk to Priestlord Gigundus, who might say slavery was divinely ordained, or the pettiest Heads of Houses, who’d fight the idea just based on who proposed it.

But even so…there’s more than one kind of financial motive. Let’s throw a little extra love to Dean Reynolds, who has learned not only to speak up for gnome interests, but also how to do black-ops stuff off the books. But, you know, for good reasons. After the gnomes’ own bout with slavery, this issue is close enough to his heart that he’s willing to risk his best agents to act on it.

And if doing that means he has to work with true heroes and navigate the social rifts between them…well, that’s still a lot better than the days he was trying to work with villains.