This cultist… gnome-goblin, I think?… sure is confident in his abilities. “How could you, a being three or four times my size with muscle definition visible through the fur, possibly have defeated me, a blob of snot roughly the size of the orphans I was torturing?”

Imagine being so devoted to being the Champion of the Fuzzy Peoples that winning the wrestling competition, beating down Peacemakers, and generally doing victory laps every moment you’re conscious just isn’t enough for you and so you also fantasize yourself a hero after hours… some special, one might even say super, hero, wearing a different mask.

I’d say this was overkill, but I edited a comic that featured a masked hero whose secret identity was a vampire slayer, so…

Matt’s done some work as a writer about games and drew the comic Embers at Night for a bit. I don’t see anything too recent save for his Twitter account, but I could be mistaken.