On the off chance you’re wondering when I’m gonna annotate the “Guilditizations,” well, those came pre-annotated for us by the fans, and I figure you’re probably getting hungry for something like a regular Guilded Age story anyway.

This one, though, is still a throwback. Phil took point on it (I barely tweaked more than a line or two), but it was originally written as a “filler episode” or “rainy-day script,” meaning that it had little to connect it to continuity. We threw it in when Phil’s ceiling collapsed, which is perhaps a little too close to the rainy-day metaphor.

Phil was like “let’s say this takes place between Chapters 6 and 7,” but that’s the logical guess regardless. Bandit is a member of the team here, Scipio, Rachel, and E-Merl probably aren’t, and the Peacemaker missions got a lot more war-focused after Ardaic tightened the reins in Chapter 7.