Contents: One Potion of PLUR
I don't know what she hit with that thing but it's probably about three miles away by now.

Not gonna try to space these into three separate updates, since I don’t have much annotation to offer. They cool! They look pretty.

Aviv Itzcovitz, who did the first piece here, seems to have left comics behind and the website for their feature Stupid Snake is no longer viable, but they do have an Instagram with many nifty illos.

Second up is Alex Heberling of, in Phil’s phrase, “post-apocalyptic magickal girl troupe comic (God I WISH I was the one who came up with that)” The Hues. Hues updates have been slow of late, but she’s also got a gig as colorist on the long-running Evil Inc.

And this second Frigg is from Peet, though the URL at its bottom is no longer valid. Peet’s another one who’s made the jump to Instagram.