I was bringing in some of that ERB energy to this one last Best-composition, which I think speaks for itself. As with the ERBoA series, I “hear” the music very clearly on this one, but I wonder what rhythm readers assign to it. (And I know it doesn’t sing for some readers at all, but I think it’s worth the trade-off.)

I asked for a Bob Dylan vibe to this final Bestformation…that we’ll see. I don’t think Best’s tendency to change glamors is something he’ll discard as he continues to get healthier. Heck, if I could change my look as easily as he does and with such good results, I’d probably morph every few months myself.

You can consult the tags for the characters drooling over Best here, some of whom are (finally) appearing in continuity after only showing up in “Guilditizations” before. We wanted a balance of new beginnings and familiar old faces in this conclusion; giving the Guilditizations their in-comic debuts (where we could) was a nice way to do both at once.

FB: This song is half-iambic, half-anapestic, because Best has always been quick on his feet.